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The farm employs a BASIS & FACTS qualified Agronomists to get the most out of the crops on the farm. An Agronomists job is to look after the crops and recommend crop protection products, nutrition products and give advice on soil nutrition. The farm agronomist is Lewis McKerrow, an agronomist working for Agronomy specialists Agrovista, his role is not only on the day to day recommendations for the crops but also on the precision farming advice and analysing the various precision data.


The BASIS qualification is the industry required standard that all Agronomists have to pass and upkeep to give advice on crop protection products, or pesticides as they are commonly called. This ensures that everyone who recommends the use of a chemical is fully trained to do so. To keep the BASIS qualified status each agronomist has to get a number of points each year by going to meetings on changing legislation and new product developments.

The FACTS qualification work the same as BASIS but allows individuals to give advice on Fertilisers, again points have to be gathered each year to keep the qualification.